The most mysterious of the famous people of Elinor. In fact, nothing is known about this tribe, except that it was met by settlers from the Valley during the Great Exodus. On the morals, culture, way of life and ideology of that tribe, there is nothing. Probably, the Vedichian people adopted many things. But it's worth mentioning about the tribe, because the roots of its origin keep a clear secret. Among other wild tribes of Elinor (even among the nomads) it is obvious that they were the settlers of the Valley. Where the tribe of the Vedas came from it is unknown. First, the etymology of Vedichian language is not clear. It does not have roots with the old language of the Valley. Secondly, Vedichian people have a unique ability to turn into animals that no one else has. It is quite logical to assume that the Vedas tribe taught them this. From this it may follow that the mysterious tribe has something to do with the disappeared Second Race.

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