Снежные чекатта

Another migrant from the prairies. It is difficult to say what drove the Snow Chekatta, when they left the fertile warm prairies to the North. Currently located in the territory of the Ito Empire. The Olu-On’e River, which does not freeze even in the strongest frost, is a kind of border between Chekatta and Snow Chekatta. The latter almost never go to the prairie, but they often meet with the Itoshins. They have no common affairs with the soldiers of the Empire, only sometimes they can hunt demons together. There is a hypothesis that snow Chekatta learned to tame demons, like animals. They have no written language. Clearly advanced in the development further than the Bronze Chekatta, however, compared with the cultures of the prairie peoples, took a step back. They live in caves. Most likely, they do not have large settlements. Most likely, there is no written language. Most likely, they renounced the cult of their ancestors, but they practice a natural exchange. The way of life of Snow Chekatta only be speculated about, since it is extremely difficult to investigate their everyday life in the fogs of the Empire. All the information is based on the contradictory testimonies of eyewitnesses. However, the similarity of the language of Snow Chekatta with the language of the prairie Chekatta is also established. Wear thick clothes made of fur skins, walruses and seals. According to eyewitnesses, several times were seen with strange weapons, most likely, found. More often seen armed with sticks and bones. Most likely, do not have smithies.

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