Wild nomadic tribes inhabiting the territory of the Great Desert before the arrival of the Djunits. They live in oases. The nomadic raids on the Southern borders of the Valley were recorded. After the construction of several outposts, the attacks ceased. First attacked the first Djunitian cities, but later merged with the people of the Desert. Now it is rare to meet nomads. They have dark skin and black hair. Perhaps, the nomads are the same settlers as the Bronze Chekatta. Scientists are alarmed only by the fact that it is not possible to establish the etymology of the nomadic language. It does not sound like the language of the Chekatta, nor the old language of the Valley. Although scientists also agree that living in harsh desert conditions could make irreparable changes in the culture of communication and the manner in which words are pronounced. Now nomads of the desert practice applied crafts, forge iron, weaving, but all this was adopted by the Djunits. It was noted that the first raids the nomads made with cold steel, but, most likely, these swords were stolen. The nomads also traveled through the Desert on camels. It is worth acknowledging that they domesticated camels before the Djunits. In historical chronicles, you can consider them as a separate people, but now nomads are part of the people of Djunits.

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