They inhabit a small swampy area between the Great Desert, the Valley of the Ancestors and the Fellow

Бронзовые чекатта

Islands. Certainly, the bronze Chekatta came out from the prairies, as evidenced by the common roots of their language. A marshy site in the South-West of Elinor is unsuitable for life due to the raw and hot climate and the constant infections that are emerging there. However, the settlers could somehow develop immunity to them. Bronze Chekatta has a dark, sometimes black skin, which is due to a constant stay in the sun. Bronze Chekatta are very short: one and a half, and sometimes half shorter then the usual human. Perhaps this change in the structure of the body helped them survive and develop immunity to infections. Bronze Chekatta live among the marshes in primitive huts, and, sometimes, in the open air. Swim in the swamps on elementary home-made rafts. They do not have clothes, sometimes they use palm leaves instead. Objects of life are also primitive. In the quality of both weapons and tools of labor, bamboo sticks are used. The ideology is unknown. Most likely, they do not have a cult of ancestors, as Chekatta do. It is simply impossible to be on the territory of the moorland by one who is not accustomed to it. There is nothing to trade with Bronze Chekatta. These two main factors explain why Bronze Chekatta live on a separate territory, almost not contacting other nations and have no changes in development.

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